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From more than 50 years

LVIA – Lay Volunteers International Associationis an Italian association which deals with international solidarity and cooperation, committed to fostering ways of local and global change to overcome extreme poverty, reinforce equitable and sustainable development and enhance dialogue between Italian and African communities.

LVIA was founded in 1966, inspired by the reformist thrust of the Second Vatican Council and the values of justice and peace. Since then, LVIA has been professionally committed to promoting principles of common good and active and responsible citizenship.

LVIA is active in 10 African countries and in 50 years, in collaboration with international and local partners and with the backing of thousands of supporters, it has ensured water, healthcare and food, improved family agriculture and natural resource management, strengthened small businesses, improved the quality of the environment, and has supported the inclusion and social innovation for the benefit of millions of people.

During humanitarian crises, LVIA has tackled emergencies to safeguard the lives and dignity of the people and has worked towards enhancing the ability of the peoples and local institutions in addressing the crises.

In Italy, LVIA offers opportunities for education and active citizenship, training for international cooperation, field trips to Africa, youth exchanges, and undertakes inclusion and sociability activities in disadvantaged urban environments.

LVIA promotes interculture and volunteering as personal and social growth, operates in schools and, with young people, participates in campaigns for human rights and for the common good.

LVIA has the support of thousands of citizens, foundations, businesses, associations, regional and local governments, the European Union, the UN, Ministries, among which the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, and international cooperation agencies.

The Association is a founding member of FOCSIV – Volunteers in the world; Link 2007 – Cooperation on the network; COP – Piedmont NGO Consortium.

LVIA is an associated member of the Italian Institute for Donation which verifies the transparency and the proper use of the funds collected, a guarantee for those who donate!

Mission and Statute

LVIA seeks to promote responsible citizenship based on the principles of solidarity, to act effectively to promote change, to sustain dialogue and mutual understanding among peoples for building a more just and united world.

A global society in which the dignity of every person is safeguarded and promoted, in which each individual person may enjoy fundamental liberties, have access to resources and services, have the possibility to live in a healthy environment and improve the quality of life in all aspects; a global society in which every single individual and all communities have the right of self-determination consistent with the cultural rights of other peoples and every man and woman on earth.


We encourage and strengthen social change processes in the countries that host us, focusing on sustainable development, social inclusion and the fight against poverty.

We support the efforts of local communities, organizations and institutions in identifying and setting up intervention programs.

We are committed to researching and condemning the root causes of injustice and marginalisation, in order to elaborate appropriate proposals for intervention.

We highlight the contribution of different cultures in the setting up of intervention programs, in the solving of controversies and in the building of peaceful and fair societies.

We implement programs in connection with Italian organisations and institutions, from the public and private sector, by promoting their active involvement both at local and national level.

LVIA is a non-profit organisation, independent from political parties, local, national and international institutions, churches or religious associations, foundations or private enterprises, both in Italy and in the hosting countries. To all of them we address our proposal for partnership, cooperation, fundraising in full respect of each other’s independence.

We are committed to a medium to long-term presence in the countries where we work, to maintain an uninterrupted dialogue and working relationship with the local, national and international players.

In case of war or disaster we offer our skills in humanitarian aid.

We are committed to full accountability. We share each step of the intervention with those who financially support us, our partners and our beneficiaries, from its setting up to its evaluation. Our yearly financial and activity reports are publicly available.

Our intervention sectors:

Water is life

Clean and accessible water for drinking, washing and cooking, for growing crops, for livestock farming and for the start-up of small businesses: water, the first human right.

The LVIA’s water programs – wells, aqueducts and water collection systems – are the basis for all developmental processes.

The goal is the local governance of water resources, through technical and managerial training. Water also means hygiene, consequently the attainment of water infrastructures is complemented by hygienic-sanitary training and the construction of toilets.

Sustainable agriculture and food sovereignty

We support the farmer associations and the establishment of producer networks; we endorse the family farming model as it produces good quality food, generates employment, respects the environment and helps to maintain the vitality of the cultural traditions and the social networks of the rural world; we sustain agricultural supply chains with the improvement of production and business techniques and with the start-up of small businesses, also thanks to microfinance; we promote agricultural production systems resilient to climate change and economic imbalances.

A healthier environment

Facing an often uncontrolled urban growth, we work with the local authorities, associations and local businesses to improve waste management and exploitation promoting waste sorting, recycling and environmental education. We also promote sustainable energy solutions for homes, hospitals and schools in marginalized areas.

Social inclusion

LVIA’s attention is centered, in all its areas of activity, on improving the living conditions of disadvantaged people in order to make them socially active and economically independent.

Street women and children, but also poor families, children who cannot attend school, migrants and associations of the African diaspora are some of the categories involved.

The health of children and mothers

We support institutions in improving health services through training of medical and paramedical personnel and the strengthening of healthcare facilities.

We promote social change from the point of view of infant and young child feeding and caring practices in the villages, thanks to the efforts of mothers and community leaders.

Humanitarian emergencies

Drought and famine have become cyclical and frequent. In addressing these humanitarian crises, LVIA, in addition to the emergency activities – distribution of food, access to water, medical and veterinary healthcare, etc. – strengthens local expertise to deal independently and in a less traumatic way future crises.

A new global dialogue

LVIA oversees processes of cooperation and dialogue based on reciprocity between Italian and African communities to deal with, both locally and globally, the challenges of sustainable development and the encounter between cultures and religions.

Youth leadership and intercultural dialogue

LVIA promotes, in Italy as in Africa, initiatives that promote individual growth and active citizenship of young people, volunteering and active participation for building more inclusive, democratic and intercultural societies.

Training and information

As for the issues of global reciprocity, sustainable development and migration we promote education for global citizenship in schools, meetings and events, and international exchanges; we help teachers in the implementation of interdisciplinary learning units and local institutions in promoting participatory governance; we take part in lobbying and advocacy campaigns; we propose field trips; and much more to be discovered on the websites

Annual Report


Locations in Italy

Lvia Forli nel Mondo

Via Delle Torri 7/9 • 47121 Forlì • Tel/Fax: 0543-33938 •

LVIA Palermo

Vito Restivo •  via A. Poliziano, 40 • 90145 Palermo • cel. 328.927.34.81 •

LVIA Piossasco

Rosina Borgi • Via Mario Davide, 23/6 • 10045 Piossasco (TO) • cel. 338.9167125
R. Borgi • cel. 328.2140544 D. Luconi •

LVIA Sangano

Andrea Ferrara • Via Rocciavrè, 24 • 10090 Bruino (TO) • tel. 338.5297333 •

LVIA Toscana

Alessandro Bellini • Via A. Francini, 48 • 50034 Marradi (Fi) • tel 331.7199794 •
Locations abroad

LVIA Burkina Faso

Rue Luili Pendé n° 256 • 01 BP 783 Ouagadougou 01 • tel. +226.25363804 •
Altre sedi: Koudougou / Gorom-Gorom / Djibo

LVIA Burundi

N° 6111 Avenue de la Plage • Quartier Asiatique • B.P. 198 • Bujumbura •

LVIA Etiopia

P.O. Box 102346 • Sub City Yeka
Woreda 08 • Kebele 13/14
House number 0905 • Addis Abeba • tel. +251 (0)116622183 •
Altre sedi:
P.O. Box 120 • Telalak – Afar Region • Namalifen, kebele Aware
Nemelifen, Telalak Woreda • Semera • Logia/Semera Town Administration

LVIA Guinea Bissau

Avenida Dom Settimio – Arturo Ferrazzeta

C.P. 585 • Bissau • tel. +245 955949714 •

Altra sede:
Bairro di St.Luzia / Bissorã

LVIA Guinea Conakry

c/o ONG Fraternité • Médicale Guinée,
Quartier Hafia Minière • Commune de Dixinn • 03 BP 586 • tel. +224 624774725 •

LVIA Kenya

P.O. Box 1684 • 60200 Meru • tel. +254 (0)733.623.230 •

Altra sede:
c/o Diocese of Isiolo • tel. +254 (0)741.776.910


Quartier Château • Gao • tel. +223 218.204.96 •

Altra sede:
Quartier ACI SOTUBA • Bamako • BP E 3442 •

LVIA Mozambico

c/o Caritas Moçambique • Rua da Resistencia 1175 • Maputo • tel. +258.21419933 / tel. +258.822812660 / fax +258.21419578 •

LVIA Senegal

R.te de Khombole • B.P. 262 A • Thiès • tel. e fax +221.33.9511611 •

LVIA Tanzania

P.O.Box 160 • Kongwa – Dodoma Region • tel. +255.(0)26.2323131 •

Other contacts


Stefano e Claudia Pozzetti – Vicolo Monticone, 3 – 14100 Asti – tel. 0141.355789 –


c/o PaceFuturo Onlus – Via Gian Battista Maggia, 2 – 13843 Pettinengo (Bi) – tel. 338 9249168 –


Luciano Cantoni – Via Assano, 56 – 47521 Cesena – tel. 0547.301824 –

Foligno (PG)

Giovanni e M. Concetta Serafini – Via I. Nievo, 34° – 06034 Sant’Eraclio (PG) – tel. 0742.391161 –


Barbara Aiolfi – Cascina Fanzago – 26900 Lodi – tel. 0371.410274 –


Massimo Pallottino – Via Vasanello, 15 – 00189 Roma – tel. 06.30310932 –

Saluzzo (CN)

Bartolomeo Sola – Via Villafalletto, 19 bis – 12037 Saluzzo (CN) – tel. 0175.43511 – Cell. 349.5366374 –


Lilli Luzzi – Via Fortunato, 398 – 23018 Talamona (SO) – tel. 0342.672034 –


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